Arrange parcel pickup to fit your schedule

Arrange parcel pickup to fit your schedule

Arrange for your shipments to be picked up by the deliverer wherever it's convenient for you. Simply enter an address of your choice and arrange for the parcel to be picked up there, with no fuss.

Your benefits

  • Arrange parcel pickup anywhere in Germany
  • Order by 10:00 PM for next-day pickup
  • Free pickup when more than four parcels per shopping basket are franked online

Prices and options

Online pickup order
Pickups are possible Monday through Saturday as part of the normal delivery route.
EUR 2.92 (incl. VAT)*

* Free for 4+ shipments per shopping cart

Here's the simple way to order your pickup


Place order

Place the pickup order conveniently online or order it during the online franking process.


Schedule pickup

Define at which address and on which day the pickup should take place.

Sendung abholen lassen

Ready for pickup

The deliverer will then pick up the shipment at your location.